How can I create my own safety signs?

There can be instances in a workplace where safety signs ordered from a catalog will not get the job done. If a workplace needs a specific sign made but may not have the means to create them in-house, custom signs from Creative Safety are the answer. There are two different options when ordering a custom sign: modify an existing sign or create a sign from scratch.

The first option takes an existing sign from our library of safety signs and is modified for the customer’s needs at no extra cost. Examples of modifications we can make on signs including adding a company’s log, changing colors, shapes, and images, adding artwork/images, and much more. Our second option is giving customers the opportunity to bring their vision of a perfect sign into a professional-grade and durable sign created to the exact specifications as requested. People can type up their idea in an email, give us a call, draw their own idea or take a picture of a current custom sign, and we will design and provide free digital proofs to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

Another cost-effective option to creating custom signs is using an industrial label printer. The LabelTac industrial printers used in conjunction with LabelSuite gives users the options to create their own, custom labels in a matter of minutes. These labels can be used on walls, machines, equipment, and even the floor. Labels can be designed to look exactly like an OSHA safety sign and the adhesive backing allows the user to stick the label right onto a machine.  There are also PVC and aluminum sign blanks that can be purchased in a multiple of sizes; after labels are designed and printed, users can simply apply these labels to a sign blank for an instant custom safety sign. The thermal printing technology LabelTac uses ensures the labels and signs created will withstand the elements of an industrial workplace for years to come.


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