What are different materials of safety signs?

One safety sign material does not fit all workplaces! Because of how crucial safety signs and visual communication is, it is important to choose appropriate signs for different areas of the workplace.  Here at Creative Safety Supply, we offer our wall signs in five different materials for wall signs, with different durability levels and mounting options depending on the needs of a facility. The five materials to choose from include:


Permanent Vinyl

These signs features a strong and durable adhesive and works like a sticker or decal.

Removable sign material

Removable Vinyl

This vinyl sign features easy-to-remove adhesive and is ideal for temporary signs. 

pvc plastic sign material

PVC Plastic

A lightweight, yet durable alternative. Use in locations where you want a thicker sign material.

aluminum sign material


These signs will hold up in virtually any workplace; comes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. 

magnetic sign material


Featuring a magnetic backing, these signs can be placed on machines, forklifts, electrical panels, etc. 

The first step in choosing signs for your workplace is to take a walk around your facility. During the walk, identify where you want to post signs like hazardous areas, spots with heavy traffic, work cells, etc. Be sure to make a note of any circumstances that may require a specific sign materials or a more durable sign. For instance, if you want to post a parking sign outdoors, you will want to order an aluminum sign. However, if you need a sign to post in the lunch room, a vinyl sign with adhesive backing will do the trick. Removable vinyl allows you to create temporary signs, perfect for out-of-order machines or equipment temporarily being worked on.  Every wall sign offered by Creative Safety Supply can be printed on any of the five materials to fit the needs of your facility. Want even more options? We can also turn any wall sign into a label or heavy-duty floor sign. 


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