What are different materials of safety signs?

One safety sign material does not fit all workplaces! Because of how crucial safety signs and visual communication is, it is important to choose appropriate signs for different areas of the workplace.  Here are Creative Safety Supply, we offer our wall signs in five different materials for wall signs, with different durability levels and mounting options depending on the needs of a facility. The five materials to choose from include:

  1. Vinyl self-sticking signs (permanent): This adhesive-backed signs features a strong and durable adhesive, and work like a sticker or decal.
    • Example: This type of sign adhesive is perfect for sticking on large piece of equipment or a large machine.
  2. Vinyl self-sticking signs (removable): Similar to the previous material, this vinyl sign features easy-to-remove adhesive and is ideal for the times you need a temporary sign.
    • Example: A machine is temporarily broken, and it needs to be communicated to employees not to work on the machine while it is out of service.
  1. PVC plastic: A lightweight, yet durable alternative locations where you want a thicker sign material.
    • Example: This is one of the most common materials signs are made out of and will withstand the conditions of an industrial facility.
  1. Aluminum: A heavier duty option than PVC, these signs will hold up in virtually any environment and come with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.
    • Example: Because these types of signs are more heavy duty, they are ideal for outdoor application.
  1. Magnetic: These signs are ideal for magnetic, metal surfaces, and are extremely durable.
    • Example: Magnetic signs can be placed on equipment, machines, forklifts, electrical panes, and can easily be moved around if needed.

All of the safety signs we offer at Creative Safety Supply gives the option to purchase any material that will fit a facility. After safety managers identify hazards that need to be marked in the workplace, it will be important to take note of the type of material will fit best in the area.


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