What are the standards and regulations of valve tags?

One of the best ways to operate a safe workplace is to make sure you are following all established safety standards and regulations. There are, of course, thousands of different regulations on the books that a facility manager needs to be aware of. When it comes to valve tags and markings, there are several different things to be aware of.


ANSI/ASME A13.1 is one of the most significant standards that needs to be followed when it comes to pipe marking and valve tags. ANSI is the American National Standards Institute. It is actually a private organization that issues standards in a variety of areas. As a private, non-profit, entity they don’t actually have any type of authority when it comes to ensuring businesses follow their standards.

The A13.1 document identifies various colors that can be used when marking pipes based on what they contain. Businesses throughout the United States, and even around the world, follow these standards because they have been proven effective at improving workplace safety when it comes to working on or around pipes and valves.

IEEE List of Valve Standards

IEEE GlobalSpec puts together a list of different standards organizations that look into valve safety in general, which includes valve tags. These include items like the American Petroleum Institute, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Manufacturers Standardization Society, and others. Each of these organizations creates standards that are specifically for their target audience, which can really help businesses get the best possible results.

Understanding what types of standards and regulations will apply in your specific industry can take some time and effort, but it is well worth it in the end. In most situations following these standards is an optional action that will help ensure your facility is kept as safe as possible. Even when not required, these standards will provide a lot of benefit without much additional cost or work, which is why they are so widely adopted.


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