What do user-defined color combos mean for pipe marking?

When labeling pipes in the workplace most companies will follow the ANSI recommended pipe color codes. This will help ensure everyone who needs to see the labels will know what is within them and how to work with them very quickly. While there are quite a few set color combinations in place, ANSI has also set aside several color combinations for user-defined combos. Understanding what these options are and how they can be used is important for any facility.

Established User-Defined Color Combos for Pipe Marking

ANSI has set aside four different color combinations to be defined by the users. They are:

  • White Text with Purple Background
  • White Text with Grey Background
  • White Text with Black Background
  • Black Text with White Background

If a facility needs to have more than just the four established user-defined color combinations, they can pick any combination that isn’t already reserved for something else. It is important, however, to make sure that the color combinations used are going to be easily visible. Choosing two colors that have a lot of contrast will make sure people can read the words without any trouble.

Benefits of User-Defined Pipe Markings

Companies use pipes to transport many different types of solutions throughout facilities. While most of them will fall under one of the already established categories laid out by ANSI, that isn’t always the case. Having user defined options will let a facility use a standard color combination throughout their facility for these less common types of pipe markings.

Many companies also operate out of multiple facilities. When this is the case, they can set specific user-defined colors to use throughout all of their locations. This will help get the most benefit out of the markings as possible. Another advantage of these options is you can use the user-defined colors as a supplementary option in addition to the more standard colors. For example, green labels with white text is for any non-fire suppression water supply. Adding an additional label using a user-defined color can further classify the pipe as either water going to drinking supplies, cooling systems, or any number of other things.

In the end, user-defined colors for pipe markings serve the same use as all other types of markings. They will be used to provide important information to those in the area so they can work safely and efficiently.


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