How high should ADA signs be posted?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is set up to help ensure people with disabilities are not unjustly restricted. Part of this act provides guidelines on how various types of signs should be posted so that those with disabilities can easily read them. While this is a good thing in general, it can be difficult for companies to know exactly how to comply because the laws and regulations can be so complicated. When it comes to how high ADA signs should be posted, the answer is actually quite simple.

Minimum Height for ADA Signs

The lowest point on an ADA sign has to be at least 48’’ from the floor or the ground. By making the lowest point at a set level it will allow multiple different signs with different dimensions to be hung at the same height, which will look the best. Placing these signs below this level can make it hard for people to see, especially if they are in a wheelchair or have other disabilities.

Maximum Height for ADA Signs

The highest point that an ADA sign can be hung is 60’’ from the floor or ground. This helps to prevent a sign from being hung so high that it is difficult to see. In most cases, signs hung at this level will also be easy to read for everyone else in a facility, so it is not at all inconvenient for employees.

Easy to Hang Signs

While it is important to remain in compliance with these ADA regulations, it won’t be a problem for companies. Many businesses do not like regulations because they can be costly, time consuming, and difficult to comply with. In this case, however, these standards are easy to follow since they won’t require any type of ladder or other special equipment to mount a sign at these levels.


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