What tools can be used to practice social distancing?

Public health experts agree the best way to preventatively tackle the coronavirus is through community isolation, social distancing, and quarantining. The CDC recommends limiting face-to-face contact, avoiding public spaces, and staying home. For essential businesses and facilities with employees still coming into work, you will need to ensure everyone understands social distancing.

  • Barriers: Arguably the most effective way to keep the distance is by installing sneeze guards and barriers. Plexiglass guards offer a barrier of protection for cashiers from customers, pharmacists from patients, and employees from other workers.
  • Wall Signs: Not accepting visitors without an appointment? Need customers to stand six feet apart? Want to direct individuals to the nearest handwashing station? We have a large selection of messaging so you can encourage employees, visitors, and customers to keep clean and safe in your facility.
  • Floor Signs: Effectively enforce social distancing and get your message across with low-profile floor signs. Floor signs are made from a durable material that can withstand heavy pedestrian traffic, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them! Use floor signs to show people where they can stand and to remember to wait until called forward—it’s an easy way to encourage healthy practices at all times.Floor Marking Strip Respect Social Distancing
  • Floor Tape: Industrial floor tape is an extremely simple tool to encourage social distancing, create quarantine areas, and direct pedestrians to avoid contact. We also offer inline printed tape that you can customize to get the right messaging for your facility.
  • Floor Marking Shapes: Placing like X’s or dots six feet apart quickly shows people exactly where to stand to maintain a healthy distance. Floor marking shapes work particularly well in walkways, at check-out stands, and waiting lines.
  • Banners: Hanging banners are sometimes favored in grocery stores and larger warehouses because they can be seen from far away. Banners are a great way to quickly communicate best practices to visitors and indicate exits and entrances for those unfamiliar with your facility.

Looking for products to help enforce social distance measures or line management? We continue to add products every single day to help keep your workplace healthy.


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