How far apart should social distancing floor markings be placed?

Community and individual isolation, or social distancing, is the most effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19, public health experts report.

Following recommendations from the CDC, floor markings should be used at least six feet, or two meters, apart. According to the World Health Organization, the small liquid droplets (which may contain the virus), that come from the mouth or nose from sneezing can be inhaled by anyone standing too close. The best way to practice social distancing is by staying home, but people still need to purchase groceries, pick up prescriptions, run other essential errands, or even go to work. Having the floor marked is a great way for people to see how far apart six feet really is and keep a healthy distance.

Floor Marking Options

There are a few different ways you can use floor marking to encourage social distancing: shapes, signs, and strips.

Floor Shapes: A simple ‘X’ can mark the spot! Using smaller floor marking shapes like dots quickly alerts people where to stand. Dots and footprint stickers can be especially effective at check-out lines where space can be limited. After placing the initial shape to indicate where the line begins, measure six feet and add another shape; repeat until you’re confident shoppers will keep their distance.Floor Sign Stay 6 Feet Apart

Floor Signs: When you want to communicate more of a direct message, floor signs are the way to go. Social distancing may be a temporary practice, but with floor marking signs you will never have to worry about replacing the sign or the sign fading too fast. In addition to placing signs six feet apart, we have a number of options reminding individuals how far of a distance they should keep, exactly where they can wait in line, or where to wait until called forward.

Floor Strips: Just added to our selection of social distancing products, floor marking strips offer a clear demarcation of here people can stand. These strips are three feet long and can be placed at the start of the line or every interval. Just like our floor shapes and signs, floor marking strips are made from durable materials that can withstand pedestrian traffic and equipment traffic like shopping carts, pallet jacks, etc.

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize six feet! While everyone is working to practice social distance, you can help your employees or customers by placing floor markings at six-foot (or 2 meter) intervals.


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