Can social distancing be practiced in casinos?

As many industries are given the green light to reopen, social distancing and other public health practices must be implemented to ensure a safe environment during the pandemic. When employees return to work and customers venture out again, things will look a little different than they did before the spread of the novel coronavirus—and casinos are no exception. While casinos are fun and a form of entertainment for many visitors around the world, they are a public space that must adhere to new policies and procedures.

How can social distancing be practiced in these fun and vibrant spaces, that are well known for their crowds? Many casinos are looking to Las Vegas as an example. The Nevada State Gaming Control Board has issued instructions for reopening casinos that include guidelines for social distancing that are specifically tailored for this industry. Two of the biggest steps for ensuring safety include:

  • Reducing occupancy. Like many shops and stores, local authorities are typically requiring casinos to limit their capacity to ensure that people can safely social distance inside. When your casino reaches capacity, visitors may need to line up outside and wait their turn. The Nevada State Gaming Control Board has asked their properties to limit to no more than 50% capacity in each gaming area as according to local building and fire codes.
  • Redesigning the floor plan. Card tables and slot machines will likely need to be rearranged so players can stay at least six feet apart from each other. At poker tables and blackjack tables, the number of players must be reduced, and you may need to close every other slot machine. These are just some examples; each casino is unique and what social distancing looks like in your workplace will vary based on your floor plan and your services.

By following these recommendations, it is indeed possible to effectively and safely practice social distancing in casinos. As you implement new procedures, make sure you are communicating this to guests with casino social distancing signs. You can also use floor marking tape and other safety tools to provide a visual reminder for maintaining a safe distance. As businesses reopen and people return to gambling and playing casino games, it’s more important than ever to prioritize communication and the safety of your visitors.


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