What floor marking shapes can I use for social distancing?

Worker looking at floor marking shapes

Many places like grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, etc. are implementing social distancing tools such as floor signs to help remind customers to stay six feet away from others at all times. These can be anything from X’s, dots, footprints, arrows, etc. as long as the visual tools are noticeable to customers and employees. By placing these useful social distancing tools at the appropriate six feet apart, visitors have the opportunity to realize that those are areas where they are able to wait in line. Although, it doesn’t hurt to also have designated employees who are in charge of helping remind customers to practice safe social distancing techniques.

The trick for being able to make these floor markings noticeable is to have them brightly colored with clear and concise instructions printed on them or around close by, accompanied by employees in the vicinity reminding customers to follow the instructions on the floor marking material. Even this seemingly small gesture of instruction goes a long way, businesses can benefit greatly from adding these floor marking options to their collection of visual safety tools.

Why should we use them?

The point of implementing floor marking shapes is to make sure that the Coronavirus has less of a chance to spread from person to person via respiratory droplets expelled into the air by someone couching, breathing, or sneezing. Respiratory droplets are what is worrisome in places where there are a large number of people present as those can land easily on in other people’s eyes, mouth, and hands resulting in infection.


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