Where should social distancing signs be placed in stores?

Although many businesses have closed or sent their employees to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, some stores such as grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and banks have stayed open to continue providing their essential services. In these workplaces, it’s highly important to practice social distancing and make sure that both customers and employees are continuing to keep a safe distance from each other as much as possible. Once you’ve invested in social distancing signs, where are the best places to put these in your store so people receive the reminders and information they need?

Post Signs at the Entrance

The entrance to your store is one of the best places to post social distancing signs. It informs customers that you are keeping people safe in your store, and that you are adhering to local regulations. It also serves as an essential reminder that customers need to do their part in trying to maintain a safe distance. As time goes on, social distancing will hopefully become second nature as people are out in public, but at first customers will need constant reminders.

Regulate Safety in the AislesPlease Use Social Distancing Floor Sign

As people shop, they may need consistent social distancing guidance. Many stores are creating one-way aisles so it’s impossible for customers to pass each other, and have put down floor tape to indicate how far to stand behind the person in front of you. It’s also helpful to install social distancing signs all along the aisles so people keep their distance while they’re shopping—not just as they first come in or are waiting to check out.

Keep People Safe in Line

One of the biggest social distancing concerns in stores is making sure that people keep a safe distance from each other as they wait in line. You can install social distancing signs at your areas of checkout, as well as floor tape and social distancing strips, so people continue distancing right up until the moment they leave the store. Providing gentle reminders that social distancing is everyone’s responsibility, and even thanking customers for keeping their distance, can go a long way in making sure people are safe.


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