How can I notify my customers we are still open?

While many businesses have been forced to temporarily close due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are others that are still open and struggling to maintain a steady flow of customers as they move to curbside pickup only, or restrict the number of people allowed inside and enforce social distancing measures. As you keep your doors open and make sure that people stay safe as they complete their purchases, how can you communicate to customers that you are doing this? Business owners have options for staying engaged with their customers, and keeping their business alive, even during a pandemic.

Post Signage Inside and Outside Your Store

We Are Still Open SignThe best way to notify customers you’re open is to post bright, attention-grabbing signs outside your store. Whether you mount a sign in the window that provides the number to call for takeout or put something up that lists your new hours, signage is the first thing that lets people know you are still open for business. An excellent way to accomplish this is to set up a-frame signs on the sidewalk, or in other spots that are more easily seen as people pass by.

If you allow customers into your store, it’s just as important to have signage inside. Lay down floor tape or social distancing strips to indicate where people may stand to keep a safe distance from each other, and let them know you’re following the CDC’s recommendations for good hygiene practices by putting up handwashing signs. You can also detail other steps you’re taking as you ensure the spread of the coronavirus is being prevented in your business.

Increase Your Presence on Digital Channels

Thanks to technology and our ever-growing digital world, there are plenty of ways to stay connected even if you can’t have customers physically inside your store. Social media is a great place to start. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can clearly communicate that you are still providing your services. It helps to post frequently so you show up in news feeds; people are constantly looking for updates in their community and are checking their phones a lot more now. Try to put a light, positive spin on your posts and welcome people to stay connected. Although many customers have been ordered to stay home, there are a variety of ways you can still secure a connection with them.


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