How does floor marking promote social distancing?

The CDC has asked everyone to practice social distancing, a public health measure that aims to reduce the transmission of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19. There are two main aspects to social distancing: to stay home as much as you possibly can, and when you must go out in public to get food or go to work, to keep a distance of at least six feet from other people. While many people are staying home, there are still a variety of businesses that have been deemed essential and continue to provide people with their products and services. If your business is still open, how can you ensure social distancing is practiced in your workplace? Luckily, you can easily use floor marking to promote social distancing in several ways:

Use Floor Tape To Indicate What Six Feet Looks Like

Respect Social Distancing Red Floor TapeIf your business requires people to line up in order to be helped or checked out, put down strips of vinyl floor tape to show them where to stand in line so they stay exactly six feet apart. Social distancing strips and other tape products make it easy to mark out the distance, which can be much further than some people realize. With tape available in bright colors, as well as unique hazard patterns or even in reflective and glow-in-the-dark material, there are many options for floor tape that are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Create Boxes for People to Stand In

You can use four strips of floor tape to create a box for customers stand in. If there’s just a line of tape, people may get confused as to whether they should stand in front of or behind the line—but boxes show them exactly where to stand. Boxes may also be more effective in keeping people at a safe distance from one another, as it’s easy to keep your feet in the box and stay put.

Implement Floor Signs as a Reminder 

Along with your floor tape, you can use another type of floor marking to create a comprehensive communication system: floor signs, which remind people to keep their distance, or provide essential information such as “Line starts here” and “Please wait until called.” Not only does everyone in line understand exactly what they need to do, but this also saves employees from having to needlessly interact with customers. With floor signs and floor tape, you’ll have all you need to promote social distancing in your workplace.


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