How can I ask customers to practice social distancing in the checkout line?

Social distancing has been shown to be an effective means of reducing the transmission of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to make sure you stay six feet away from other people while you’re in public, including while you’re at the store purchasing essential products such as medication and food. However, many business owners have struggled with ensuring that social distancing is in effect at their store. The main problem is keeping people spaced apart while they line up to check out. How can you ask customers to practice social distancing in the checkout line? There are several ways you can use signage to make sure everyone in your workplace stays safe.

Lay Down Social Distancing Strips

These strips can be put on the floor to indicate to customers exactly where to stand so they are six feet apart while they wait in line. Social distancing strips help you measure out six feet (or two meters) exactly, which is the recommended distance to prevent the spread of respiratory illness. When customers see these lines on the floor, they’ll understand how to line up based on the provided visual cues.

Use Floor Signs to CommunicateOrange Line Starts Here Floor Sign

Floor signs are one of the most effective ways to ask people to practice social distancing. You can implement these signs in combination with social distancing strips so the meaning of the strips is perfectly clear. Use a sign that says, “Remember to keep six feet apart,” or “Line begins here” so people understand exactly what to do and how to use the strips correctly. With floor signs, you’ll provide essential communication for social distancing.

Set Up A-Frame Signs

You can place social distancing a-frame signs throughout your store in intermittent spots so customers are constantly reminded to keep their distance. A-frames can be put up, taken down, and moved as needed, so it’s easier to put signage exactly where it’s needed. Once you’ve implemented social distancing and have observed customers in your checkout lines, you can put a-frame signs at the spots where people tend to need an extra reminder to be safe. If your checkout lines wrap around the store and the customer is out of view of the checkout area, a-frame signs are especially helpful in these spots.


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