How can I use safety signs to encourage social distancing?

Essential businesses throughout the country are still serving their communities and helping millions of customers receive the medicine, food, and supplies they need. As retailers keep their doors open, it’s important to implement public safety measures such as social distancing to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, protecting both customers and workers. For these businesses, there are several ways they may use safety signs to help encourage social distancing:

Put Safety Signs at the Entrance

Many stores such as Walmart are creating one way to exit and one way to enter, so people don’t have to pass close to each other as they head in or out. Use safety signs at the entrances to your workplace to encourage social distancing. These signs can be helpful if people are waiting in line to be able to come in so they stay six feet apart in line, or are simply a helpful reminder as people come in so they stay safe as they shop.

Use Floor Signs as Reminders

Floor signs are an excellent option to encourage social distancing as people wait in line to be helped or checked out. These signs say things like, “Please wait here” and “Remember to keep your distance.” When people see them, they’re reminded to take a step back from the person in front of them and stay on top of any floor tape or other markers you may have put down to show them where to stand six feet apart. Floor signs can also provide detailed safety information to ensure that both workers and customers are protected at your store.

Mount Wall Signs and Banners

Large, easy-to-read wall signs and banners are excellent to implement all around your store to encourage social distancing. People will be able to see this signage from far away, and you can post information at a variety of different places: near the checkout lines, near bathrooms, and at the back of the store, where people may have already forgotten the reminders that were in place when they first walked in. No matter what, you have options to promote health and safety at your essential business.



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