Take a Gemba walk, a successful tool of Lean manufacturing, around your facility to understand different processes in manufacturing. Learn how to take a Gemba walk and use that information to improve processes and eliminate waste with our guides, videos and more!

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Quality Control in Manufacturing

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Quality control in manufacturing is essential to maintaining a good customer base and keeping rework costs down.

Mass Production

Mass Production

Mass production is simply the manufacturing of a large number of identical or very similar products. This type of production has been around for a long time, and it has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is QCDSM?

What is QCDSM?

QCDSM: Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale. Learn how this simple lean principle can help your business.

8 Wastes of Lean

8 Wastes of Lean

The 8 Wastes of Lean is a much-needed update to the what the Toyota Production System called the 7 Wastes of Lean. Fighting these wastes head on will help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently.

Six Sigma Belt Levels

Six Sigma Belt Levels

Have you ever wondered what the Six Sigma belt levels are? Learn the requirements for each belt level and what it will do for your organization.

Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration

Supply chain integration refers to the process of integrating all parts of fulfillment into one single system. Learn the steps to get your supply chain integrated into an easy-to-manage system.

What is a Thermal Printer?

What is a Thermal Printer?

Thermal printers are essential to printing in an industrial setting. Learn about the two types of thermal printing to determine which one suits your facility’s needs.

Learning and Implementing the Lean Process

Learning and Implementing the Lean Process

Learning the basics about the lean process is essential when implementing continuous improvement changes. We have broken down the lean process so its easy to understand.

How to Implement 5S in an Organization

How to Implement 5S in an Organization

It takes significant effort to implement a proper 5S program, but following the right steps will drive success and help the process go smoothly.



This Japanese word for "the real place" can change the way managers approach employees and their work.

Gemba Questions and Answers

Can Gemba be used for safety?

When learning about Gemba, much of the focus is on process and procedure improvement. This is obviously very important as it will help to ensure things are done in the… 

What is Gemba Kaizen?

You may have heard of the Gemba walk, and the strategies behind it. And you may have heard of Kaizen and its ability to facility continuous improvement of a facility.… 

Why should I use Gemba?

Gemba walks have become increasingly popular over the past generation, which has led many more people to look into this interesting system. Many people wonder why it should be used,… 

How often should Gemba walks take place?

Once you learn about Gemba walks and how beneficial they can be, you may begin to wonder how often they should be performed. If they are done too infrequently, you… 

Who should go on a Gemba walk?

Gemba walks are a great way to learn more about specific areas of the workplace, come up with improvement ideas, increase safety, and much more. There are many different people… 

What questions should I ask on a Gemba walk?

Asking questions of the people who you see on a Gemba walk is one of the best and most important ways to get the information you need. There are times,… 

What is a Gemba walk used for?

Gemba walks have been growing in popularity over the past several decades, and today they are used in just about every industry imaginable. A Gemba walk is still most popular… 

How can I conduct a Gemba walk?

Gemba walks are a great way for management and other leaders in a company to get a first hand look at how things are done, and to come up with… 

How can I implement Gemba walks?

If you have recently learned about Gemba walks, you may be wondering how to best implement them into your workplace. One of the many nice things about this workplace improvement… 

What is the origin of Gemba?

The concepts behind Gemba were first developed in Japan. In Japanese, the word Gemba means ‘the actual place,’ and is used in a variety of situations. The police often call… 

What is a Gemba walk?

Workplace improvement is an important responsibility for managers, executives, safety professionals, and others in the facility. Whether working on coming up with new ideas for improvement, or working on how… 

What does Gemba mean?

Gemba is a Japanese term that translates to ‘the real place.’ When used in the context of workplace improvement or increased efficiency, the Gemba is the place where actual work… 

How is Gemba related to Lean manufacturing?

The goal of Lean manufacturing is to minimize the amount of waste that is produced within a facility. This would apply to any type of waste including wasted time, energy,… 

How does Gemba solve problems?

The Gemba concepts are a great way to encourage managers to get out to the places where they manage and learn more about how things are done. If it isn’t… 

When should Gemba walks be conducted?

The term Gemba is translated as, “the real place,” which indicates that a Gemba walk should be conducted in the areas where the actual work is being done. This is… 

What is a Gemba event?

Gemba walks would be a big waste of time if you never took any action based on the information and ideas that were gathered. After a walk is completed, you… 

How is 5S related to Gemba?

5S and Gemba are technically two different strategies that are used by businesses to make improvements. 5S is generally focused on waste reduction and elimination, and Gemba is more of… 

What are tools to use in the Gemba process?

When most people think about Gemba, they start by looking at Gemba walks. While that is the main activity that is being done, you will need to have quite a… 

What is a Gemba board?

A Gemba board is one type of tool that is used when attempting to keep track of the current status of the workplace. It is a visual management tool that… 

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Gemba: A Powerful Piece of your Lean Toolbox

Gemba: A Powerful Piece of your Lean Toolbox

Gemba – A Powerful Piece of Your Lean Toolbox Gemba is a straightforward way for business owners and managers to find… 

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Respect For People is a crucial part of lean and A3. Lean guru Bill Greider tells how A3 teams can… 

Kaizen events that rock—time to increase efficiency in your organization! Lean/Six Sigma expert Mark Hamel tells of how to implement… 

This is the story of tragedy that could have been avoided with better safety housekeeping. Here, we detail a fatal… 

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