Spaghetti Diagram

Many charts and diagrams exist to help Lean practitioners analyze and improve their workplaces. A spaghetti diagram is a basic Lean tool that helps people identify waste. These drawings are called spaghetti diagrams because when they’re finished they look a bit like a plate of spaghetti noodles.

To create a spaghetti diagram, users should first draw a map of the workspace. Then they should observe the process in question, whether that’s a manufacturing process, a sales process, or shipping an order in a warehouse.

The spaghetti diagram allows the user to trace a product, a piece of information, or a person throughout the observed process. So with a pen or pencil, trace the path this product/information/person takes to reach its final state or complete a task.

These lines will help people see if there is extra motion or transportation taking place that could potentially be eliminated. Small movements may not seem like much when considered individually, been when taken together they can really add up.

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