How do I clean pipe labels?

Once you have all your pipe marking labels in place it will be easy for those working with, or around, the pipes to learn what is contained within. This will help to improve safety, make working on the pipes easier, and offer a variety of other benefits as well. Over time, however, the labels can get dirty and even become unreadable if they aren’t properly cleaned.

Standard Cleaning Products

The actual cleaning process for pipe markings is quite simple. The labels used to mark pipes are very durable and can be cleaned with virtually any type of standard cleaning product. The one you choose will depend largely on the surrounding environment, and what types of things are making the labels dirty.

If the labels get covered with normal dust, then a cloth with any surface cleaner will work perfectly. If the pipes and labels are dirty with grease, a stronger cleaning solution that is made for grease removal will be required. Once the cleaning product is applied, simply scrub the label until it is cleaned up. In most cases you don’t want to use an abrasive cleaning cloth as that can, over time, put small scratches in the label.

Out of Sight – Not Out of Mind

One of the most important things when it comes to cleaning pipe markings is to make sure you are performing the cleaning on a set schedule. This is critical because of the fact that pipes are typically found either far overhead in the ceiling, or under your feet below the floor. This can cause them to become ‘out of sight – out of mind.’ When someone needs to access the pipes, it may be too late and the labels are already very dirty and unreadable.

If you make a set schedule where the pipe labels are cleaned every month, every other month, or however often you determine it is needed based on how dirty they get, this won’t be a problem. The maintenance team will simply go through and perform their cleaning as needed, which will guarantee that the labels are legible should they be needed. This can also be a good time to inspect the pipes, and the labels, to ensure there isn’t any damage or other issues present.


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