What are the safety concerns associated with working shifts?

There are many times when a facility can not get all the work completed throughout a single eight-hour shift. When this happens, it often becomes necessary to have employees on-site for two or even three shifts per day. While this certainly allows a single facility to get more work done each day, it does come with some downsides that need to be addressed. One often overlooked problem with shift work is that it introduces several safety concerns.

One of the biggest safety concerns associated with working shifts is that many of the employees will have a disrupted sleep schedule. They may get less total sleep, or get less quality sleep since they are doing it during the day. Some will even try to sleep normally on weekends and during the day during the week. Drowsy employees can be very dangerous, especially if they are operating heavy machinery.

Another safety concern is the health of the employees. Studies have found that those who work off-shift schedules have higher rates of metabolic syndrome, which can result in high blood pressure, obesity, and many other problems. This can be dangerous for both the employee and those working around them.

Of course, when people are working at night, you also have to take steps to make sure the area is properly illuminated, which may not be a concern during the day. Putting in enough lighting to ensure everyone can see what they are doing throughout the facility is critical.

There can be many other types of safety hazards associated with working shifts so make sure to look into them closely to avoid potential problems.


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