Do Hospitals Have to Follow OSHA Guidelines?

Anyone working in a hospital knows that there are a variety of different types of hazards that exist that are not likely to be found in other industries. Finding ways to improve workplace safety at a hospital can be difficult, but it is not something that each facility has to figure out on its own. Hospitals can make great strides toward safety by following all of the OSHA guidelines that have been published and keeping up with any changes as they occur.

All healthcare facilities, just like any other facility, need to follow all OSHA regulations to avoid fines and penalties. These regulations are in place to help hospitals operate more safely than they otherwise could. This is important for hospitals because the healthcare industry experiences far more accidents and injuries than the average industry today.

It is easy to see why hospitals can be so dangerous. There are a lot of hazardous drugs, machines, sharp objects, and more that need to be kept close at hand so they can be used in an emergency. On top of that, the patients who come into the facility are often unpredictable because they are going through difficult situations.

With all this in mind, all hospitals should look closely at all published OSHA regulations. Whether the regulations are strictly required, or just suggestions, it is a good idea to follow them to help mitigate hazards and keep the environment as safe as possible.


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