What are the benefits of using tool foam for organization?

Tool foam offers many benefits when it comes to organization including customization, durability, and protection for the tools.  The foam sheets in Creative Safety Supply’s tool foam kits have been developed to last for years to come. The closed-cell foam effectively reduces liquid and gas flow from entering. This material is ideal for industries where liquid resistance is critical (HVAC, marine, etc.) and will hold up in other industrial environments.

Color coding can be important to a facility and can be used in tool organization efforts. For instance, colors can be assigned to different types of tools or colors can be used to differentiate tools for different tasks. For instance, all screwdrivers could be noted with red foam, or yellow foam could be for every tool that is used in the second step of a process. Even if color coding is not what you are aiming for, using the two-color system is easy for any facility. After tracing and cutting spots for tools on a black sheet of foam, lay it onto a bottom sheet of foam that is a bright color (yellow, red, or blue work well). When a tool is taken from its spot, the bright layer underneath will be a clear reminder for a tool that has been misplaced or is missing altogether.

Using tool foam will turn a messy and cluttered toolbox into a set of organized drawers that employees can easily use and understand. The clean sheets of foam in our tool kit ensures the customer has full opportunity to customize to their specific facility. No matter the tools in the workplace or the size of the toolbox, our foam kits are flexible and can be made handy anywhere. Customizable tool foam also gives you the opportunity to add some more creativity to the toolbox then just tool shape outlines. For example, scraps of previously cut foam can be used as drawer dividers to create small areas meant for smaller materials like nails, washers, or screws. When organizing wrenches, use the foam to create an upright organizer to save space by cutting slits in upright foam strips. The options with our foam tool kits are virtually endless.


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