How do I organize using tool foam?

Tool foam is an easy and cost-effective option for adding an organizational strategy to an existing toolbox. Whether it’s a manufacturing factory or an auto body shop, a tool chest or a too box, customizable tool foam can greatly impact their tool organization efforts.

We offer the following steps and tips when starting and implementing tool foam organization:

  1. Create a layout prior to cutting foam: The first step in this process is to measure the drawer or space the tool foam will be in and to cut the size out accordingly. Before any cutting of the foam, it is important to first lay out a plan. Start with taking the tools and deciding on a plan of action, whether that’s organizing by size, type of tool, or both. Using a pen or pencil, outline the tools that will placed in a logical order on the backing of the tool foam.
  2. Remember to cut for easy pick up: This is a step that is often forgotten. One option is to create half circle cut outs on each side of the tool’s handle to make it easier for workers to pick them up. Another option for certain drawers, such as drawers of wrenches, may call for a horizontal strip through all of the tools for easy pick up.
  3. Make a shadow board for your tool box: Like shadow board vinyl tape, a bright color will make missing or misplaced tools easy to spot. Creative Safety Supply offers sheets of foam resistant to common industrial chemicals and water. Using the two-color system, a layer of bright foam underneath will easily show you what tools are missing from the drawer.
  4. Choose the right tool for cutting the foam: Just because the tool foam we sell is created to withstand industrial environments, does not mean it will be a difficult task to cut. In most cases, a utility blade or X-Acto knife will get the job done, but for larger projects and thick foam, one should use a heavy-duty foam hot knife.

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