What are different types of tool organization?

At Creative Safety Supply we offer a variety of solutions when it comes to organizing tools in the workplace. A workplace could use one of these strategies or a combination of a few for an effective tool organization strategy. Having effective tool organization strategies in the workplace will help to reduce wastes, save time, and keep workers safe. The following are some ideas to get you started in organizing a workbench, a toolbox, a tool chest, or any area in your facility:

  • Pegboard: Pegboards have been around for decades and are still extremely useful to this day. While commonly used in garages, pegboards provide a number of advantages in the workplace. Pegboards give you the option to completely customize the set up with hooks, pegs, shelves, and bins, or a combination of all four! The accessories guarantee nearly any type of tool can be stored and every tool will be easily visible from many places in facility. Shadow vinyl tape is also an excellent addition to pegboards. Once you have chosen a layout of the board simply trace the tools being organized, cut out their shape, and apply the adhesive side onto the pegboard. After a tool is done being used, the worker will easily know where to return it to.
  • Customizable tool foam: Our closed-cell tool foam adds organization to existing drawers, toolboxes, and tool chests. Using a utility knife or hot knife, cut out the shapes of tools to be placed in the foam insert. Tool foam can be ordered in sheets and a two-color system can be implemented for a shadow box effect.
  • Vinyl shadow board tape: Shadow board tape comes in a variety of colors to customize your tool organization efforts. Vinyl shadow board tape can be used on pegboards, inside drawers of a toolbox, in a cabinet, or other places you’re utilizing tool organization.

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