How can the use of colors improve tool organization?

Using color is an excellent and effective tool for nearly any organizational efforts of a workplace. Both color coding and using a two-color organization system can add an extra level of organization to your strategy. Whether tools are organized with a pegboard or tool foam, the use of color can be a huge advantage. Using colors on tool boards or in the drawer of a tool box can communicate to workers what types of tools are stored there, immediately communicate when tools are missing, and can even deter theft of tools in the facility.

Using a shadowing technique is useful for both pegboards and using tool foam in drawers of toolboxes. Using a combination of vinyl shadow board tape and pegboards will truly maximize the organization of a tool board. While hooks, bins, and shelves all provide helpful organizational tools, a shadow board elevates the efforts to a new level. Instead of a worker handing a wrench on the nearest empty hook having an outline on the board of the specific tool will let them know where it needs to be put back. Shadowing can also be used when implementing tool foam by using a two-color system. Essentially the tool will be cut out from a sheet of black foam and placed on top of a brightly colored sheet of foam; when a tool is removed from the drawer or tool box, the bright color will be visible. When checking inventory at the end of the day, any missing tools will be immediately noticed with the shadowing technique and the issue can be quickly remedied.

Color coordination can create different areas and sections where different tools will be stored. For example, the color blue can signify pliers, red can represent screwdrivers, and yellow is used for hammers. Using specific colored sheets of foam or rolls of vinyl shadow board tape (or a combination of both) to designate the locations for specific tools. This can help employees identify where to first find the location of a type of tool they’re looking for and quickly notice when a tool is misplaced or missing. It is important to note that workers, and anyone in the facility, should be trained on the color scheme(s) chosen.


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