What is tool organization?

Tool organization is much more than putting tools in a toolbox and separating tools by drawers. While this may seem like the logical solution to organizing the workplace, there are a few simple strategies you can use to increase organization and reduce waste. Waste comes in many forms, and a lack of organization can lead to wasted time as workers dig through a toolbox or cannot locate a specific tool. Clutter can easily get in the way of people moving efficiently through the workspace and customers won’t be getting their items as quickly as possible when products and tools are not organized.

There are a few different simple and cost-effective approaches you can take when it comes to organizing your tools. One of the most popular routes people take for organization is using pegboards.  Pegboards have been used for decades and they are still a great organization system to use in workplaces and garages today. Rather than keeping tools in boxes, drawers, and buckets, the idea is to post a pegboard that tools will hang from and can be easily seen or found.

Another option that can be implemented easily with your existing toolbox is to use custom and durable foam inserts. Creative Safety Supply offers several different versions of foam tool kits that vary in both thickness and size of the sheet. These kits utilize a two-color organization system and you have the following color combinations to choose from: black and yellow, black and red, blue and yellow, and blue and red. Simply cut the bottom sheet of foam (the black and blue colors are considered the top layer) to fit the size of the drawer your organizing. Next, you will align the tools onto the top sheet of foam and trace the outline. Using a hot knife or utility knife, cut out the shapes of tools. The two-color system will easily show what tools are missing and the proper home for tools to be placed.

Similar to the two-color system used in tool foam, you can use the same concept with shadow board tape. Us brightly colored tape in a cabinet, drawer, toolbox, or on a pegboard for an easy way to stay organized and efficient.


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