Keeping your tools organized will cut down on time looking for tools and make for an organized and efficient workspace. Read through our recommendations and ideas on tool organization and browse through our foam tool organizing systems.

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Tool Storage Ideas

Tool Storage Ideas

Lean manufacturing emphasizes organization, but it can be difficult figuring out just how to get started. This article lays out some common and effective ways of getting organized quickly.

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Perpetual Inventory System

Perpetual Inventory System

Using a perpetual inventory system is a great way to keep track of inventory, ordering, and other related tasks in order to keep your business running efficiently.

Lean Manufacturing, Tool Organization, Facility Efficiency

8D for Problem Solving

8D for Problem Solving

The 8 Disciplines (often seen as the acronym “8D") is a problem-solving method initially developed by the Ford Motor Company to resolve a wide variety of problems in any professional environment. Find out how the 8D method can benefit your workplace.

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Lean Logistics

Lean Logistics

Lean logistics is a detailed implementation or organization of an operation that is more complex in nature than what you see in standard lean strategy.

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19 Tool Foam Hacks and Tips for Your Tool Drawers

19 Tool Foam Hacks and Tips for Your Tool Drawers

Use these tool foam organizer tips and hacks get your workspace in order and simplify your life.

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Tool Organization Infographics

Tool Organization with Foam Kits

Tool Organization with Foam Kits

Tool Organization and Control with Foam Kits EMPTY your tool drawer. MEASURE the inside dimensions of the drawer. MARK AND CUT the tool foam sheets in the dimensions you got

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Tool Organization Questions and Answers

What are different types of tool organization?

At Creative safety Supply we offer a variety of solutions when it comes to organizing tools in the workplace. A workplace could use one of these strategies or a combination of a few for an effective tool organization strategy. Having effective tool organization strategies in the workplace will help to reduce wastes, save time, and… read answer

What are the cons of using a toolbox?

Using a toolbox and tossing tools in there with no organization plan will not only waste resources, but could lead managers to reordering unnecessary replacement tools, or workers getting injured. Purchasing a toolbox is a good step in the right direction of tool organization, but it shouldn’t stop there. Many toolboxes lacking an organization strategy… read answer

How can the use of colors improve tool organization?

Using color is an excellent and effective tool for nearly any organizational efforts of a workplace. Both color coding and using a two-color organization system can add an extra level of organization to your strategy. Whether tools are organized with a pegboard or tool foam, the use of color can be a huge advantage. Using… read answer

What should my first step in tool organization be?

Taking a cue from 5S, the first step of tool reorganization should be to sort. Sorting will help to get rid of common problems almost immediately including getting rid of tools and materials impeding workflow, reduce time wasted looking for parts and tools, and eliminating safety hazards that have resulted from a cluttered workplace. Before… read answer

How can I use labels for tool organization?

One of the oldest and most effective organizational strategies used in any application is labeling, and labels used alongside other tool organization strategies are an easy way for workers to quickly identify proper placement of tools and materials. Bins, toolboxes, tool chests and drawers are all areas where labels can be placed. Any drawers that contain… read answer

Who benefits from a new tool organization strategy?

Many parties benefit from tool organization in the workplace including workers, managers, and customers. By eliminating wastes and streamlining the manufacturing, all parties involved will be benefitted in some way. Ultimately, by having an organized system for tools and materials will affect, and improve, a business’ bottom line by creating a better-looking facility and that… read answer

How can shadow board tape help my tool organizational efforts?

Vinyl shadow board tape is an extremely versatile tool for organizational efforts. Vinyl shadow board tape can be used on pegboards, inside drawers of a toolbox, in a cabinet, or other places you’re utilizing tool organization. Tool outline vinyl is available in ten different colors, so you can truly customize and color-code your organization. We… read answer

What are the benefits of using tool foam for organization?

Tool foam offers many benefits when it comes to organization including customization, durability, and protection for the tools.  The foam sheets in Creative Safety Supply’s tool foam kits have been developed to last for years to come. The closed-cell foam effectively reduces liquid and gas flow from entering. This material is ideal for industries where… read answer

How do I organize using tool foam?

Tool foam is an easy and cost-effective option for adding an organizational strategy to an existing toolbox. Whether it’s a manufacturing factory or an auto body shop, a tool chest or a too box, customizable tool foam can greatly impact their tool organization efforts. We offer the following steps and tips when starting and implementing tool… read answer

How do I organize with a pegboard?

Pegboards are one of the oldest strategies used for tool organization and has been around for decades. Pegboards can often be found in a garage or workshop but are also extremely useful in a workplace. While pegboards do take up a considerable wall space, it also gives you the advantages of seeing all of your… read answer

How can tool organization reduce waste?

While it may seem logical to put tools in toolbox drawers and call it organized, you may be wasting more resources than you realize. Wasted resources, whether it’s time, money, or movement, are all at stake when a toolbox or workbench is cluttered and disorganized. By implementing a new tool organization strategy, a noticeable improvement… read answer

Is tool organization Lean?

Lean manufacturing and its related strategies are focused on streamlining processes and reducing waste with organization efforts a main component. Organizing the workplace to help the flow of processes is important and by keeping tools in a logical order, you can ensure workers will be able to locate tools quickly and keep the process moving.… read answer

Why is tool organization important?

Tool organization can be extremely beneficial to any kind of facility. It may seem like a hassle, but it will help workplaces run more smoothly and ultimately affect the bottom line. The following are just top five reasons to keep an organized workbench, toolbox, or workspace: Reduce wasted time: When tools are not organized, workers… read answer

What tools can be organized?

When you first think of tools that can be organized, you may think of hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. first. While it is important these tools are organized in a logical order, your tool organization can apply to much smaller, and much bigger tools. Whether it is a large power saw or a collection of screws… read answer

How is tool organization apart of 5S?

The five key components of the 5S methodology are sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. These steps can apply to nearly any area of a facility including workbenches, toolboxes, work cells, aisles, shelves, and much more. Here is how you can use 5S as a strategy to organize tools: Sort: Go through the… read answer

What is tool organization?

Tool organization is much more than putting tools in a toolbox and separating tools by drawers. While this may seem like the logical solution to organizing the workplace, there are a few simple strategies you can use to increase organization and reduce waste. Waste comes in many forms, and a lack of organization can lead… read answer

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Tool Safety

Tool Safety

It’s easy to forget how dangerous tools can be. They’re around every worksite, in constant use. But tool safety is everyone’s responsibility. Training is the first step in tool safety. Employees

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Safety Housekeeping

Safety Housekeeping

This is the story of tragedy that could have been avoided with better safety housekeeping. Here, we detail a fatal accident at a sugar refinery in Wyoming, and review of

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5S Red Tags

5S Red Tags

Increase efficiency by red-tagging items you don’t need immediately. Store them or get rid of them. Red tagging is part of “Sort”, one of the five elements of a Japanese system

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