How can I organize drawers of tools?

When you have a large number of tools, you need to keep them somewhere that they are easy to access so that you can use them without delay. For most businesses, this means having them in drawers. These drawers can be part of a dedicated tool storage system or just normal drawers that are used for this purpose. Learning how you can organize drawers of tools will help you to keep your tools safe and make it faster to find them when they are needed.

The first thing you should do when organizing your drawers of tools is to inventory and sort each tool. Grouping tools that are used for similar things, or are of a similar size, or go into a set, will help to organize them properly.

Next, you want to assign each tool a specific spot where it will be kept. Using foam inserts that have cutouts in the shape of a tool will make this a lot easier. The foam cutout will help you to maintain an organized tool drawer while also keeping each one safe and secure. If you can’t use foam inserts, tracing out the shape of each tool on the bottom of the drawer will help to indicate where it should go.

Once each tool has an assigned spot, you should label the spot using a label printer. This will allow people to see exactly what each tool is at a glance. People find this especially helpful for finding tools that are of a specific size or type so they can be sure that they have the right one for a given job.


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