How is tool foam cut?

Foam organizers are an excellent way to create a custom tool organization system in your tool box. Two sheets of closed-cell foam are cut to fit inside the drawers of a tool box, a dark layer of foam on top and a bright bottom layer on bottom. By cutting out the shape of the tools on the top sheet, you can effectively create a shadow board for your tool box making it easier for employees to keep track of tools.

Using the Right Tools

Cross-link, closed-cell foam is quite a bit thicker than typical open-cell foam, but can be just as easy to cut with the right tools. Closed-cell foams should be cut using a straight blade, like an X-Acto knife or utility knife, and it's important these blades are kept sharp. For thicker sheets of foam, a retractable blade can help you cut out the exact depth you need without cutting through the foam. You could also use a heavy-duty foam hot knife for larger projects to achieve clean, precise cuts.

Planning Ahead

Before taking a knife to foam, get a plan in place for organization. Arrange tools so the space is used efficiently, the system is logical, and employees have easy access to the tool they need when they need it. Once you have configured the layout you want, use a pen or pencil to trace the outline of the tools onto the foam. If you start cutting foam without a plan, you're more likely to space tools poorly and end up wasting material.

Get Custom Tool Foam

Want a simpler way to cut foam inserts? We can help! Send us the dimensions of your tool box and your desired layout. Using a CNC machine, we will create tool foam inserts to meet your exact specifications and fit snugly inside the drawers.


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