What are the cons of using a toolbox?

Using a toolbox and tossing tools in there with no organization plan will not only waste resources, but could lead managers to reordering unnecessary replacement tools, or workers getting injured. Purchasing a toolbox is a good step in the right direction of tool organization, but it shouldn’t stop there. Many toolboxes lacking an organization strategy may start off somewhat logically organized, but it won’t take long before the drawers are cluttered, tools are missing, and workers can’t find the tool they’re looking for.

Many managers and employees may think if they can’t see the problem, a mess of tools in a toolbox or tool chest, then the problem doesn’t need to be solved. A cluttered and unorganized toolbox, however, will waste time, result in unnecessary motion, and can even pose safety risks to those working in the facility.

Toolboxes and chests that have tools thrown in them with no organization method can be heard to search through. If a worker puts their hand in a drawer and is blindly digging around searching for a tool, sharp objects or items can pose a hazard. Time is also wasted when workers cannot find the tool they’re searching for and they have to check multiple different areas around the facility. Workers going around the floor to search for tools can also waste movement, ultimately resulting in customers not receiving their purchase as quickly as they could.

A good alternative to the toolbox or tool chest is using a pegboard for tool organization. Although they take up a considerable amount of space, workers have the advantage of seeing every tool. Pegboards also offer a level of customization. A combination of hooks, pegs, shelves, and bins can be used to hold a variety of tools and materials. Using vinyl shadow tape also ensures workers know where to return tools when they’re done using them.


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