How do I organize with a pegboard?

Pegboards are one of the oldest strategies used for tool organization and has been around for decades. Pegboards can often be found in a garage or workshop but are also extremely useful in a workplace. While pegboards do take up a considerable wall space, it also gives you the advantages of seeing all of your tools at once, preventing tool loss, and make project management easier. Pegboards take tools out of drawers and buckets and displays them for workers to see on hooks and a variety of other pegboard accessories.

The first step to implementing a pegboard tool organization strategy is to select a wall large enough wall to use and is easily accessible to workers. The next step is to logically layout the tools you will be organizing. Place them on the board (prior to hanging it up) in the order the tools will be used in the manufacturing process and group them with other similar tools. Place them by size, from smallest to largest, and place tools that may be used together near each other on the pegboard.

It is then the time to choose the accessories to use on a pegboard. Hooks in a variety of sizes is a good place to start and will support tools of different sizes or weights on the pegboard itself. Other available options include bins and shelves that will attach directly to the pegboard and add another level of organization. Smaller tools like washers or nails can be separated into bins and power tools like drills can be placed on a metal pegboard shelf.

Finally, using vinyl shadow tape is an excelling addition to any pegboard. Having a blank board with hooks is a good step in tool organization, but it can still leave workers confuse as where to put tools when they are finished using them. Simply trace and cut out tool shapes (hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.) and place the adhesive vinyl directly onto the pegboard. The shadow technique will tell workers where tools should be hung, and it will be easy to identify exactly what tool is missing when it is removed from the board.


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