How can I use labels for tool organization?

One of the oldest and most effective organizational strategies used in any application is labeling, and labels used alongside other tool organization strategies are an easy way for workers to quickly identify proper placement of tools and materials. Bins, toolboxes, tool chests and drawers are all areas where labels can be placed.

Any drawers that contain tools, whether in a workbench, toolbox, or tool chest, can be labeled for the contents stored inside. This way workers will spend less time searching drawers for the exact tool they are looking for. A facility using a pegboard for tool organization along with accessories like a steel pegboard shelf or bins for smaller materials can also use labels to indicate what tools are placed there or the contents of bins as they usually contain smaller materials like screws or nails. For tool boxes or chests that are moved around the workplace frequently, larger labels placed on workbenches or the floor will quickly tell workers where to return them to.

Like many other visual communication strategies, this kind of system is also beneficial to newer employees and any visitors a facility may have. People unfamiliar with the system will still be able to locate what they’re looking for and returning tools and materials to the right places.

Having an industrial label printer in the workplace can have a big impact on labeling efforts. The LabelTac series of printers produce high-quality and professional custom labels in just a few minutes. These durable labels are designed to withstand industrial environments and will not fade, smudge, or scratch off over time. Labeling every drawer or bin in a workplace can be a daunting task, but these projects can begin, be executed, and completed in a single workday. The labels produced by a LabelTac printer are crisp and will give the area a clean and professional look.


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