How can a tool chest be organized?

If you work with tools of almost any sort, you undoubtedly know the frustration of not being able to find the tools you need when you need them. You also know how much it costs when you lose (or have stolen) and important tool because you couldn’t properly track them. To solve these problems, it is important to learn how to properly organize a tool chest. In workplaces where tools are shared among multiple people, this is even more important.

Shadow Board for a Toolbox

For tool chests that aren’t often moved around, a shadow board setup can be very effective. This is where there is an outline for each tool within the chest. When people are done with the tool, they simply put it back in its place. This is a good option because it doesn’t make it difficult to grab the tools and go, but still makes it easier for everyone to keep things in their proper place.

Foam Cutouts

Foam cutouts not only help to keep a tool chest organized but will also provide a good level of protection for the tools. The foam is soft enough to not cause any type of damage to tools, yet firm enough to keep each item in place. Using foam cutouts also makes it easy to see exactly where each tool goes when it isn’t in use, which will help to maintain the well-organized box.

Peg Boards in a Toolbox

Another option is to install pegs into the toolbox. These pegs can be soldered into place or added in as an insert to the box. Either way, the pegs will serve as physical separators for each tool. This is especially effective when organizing a toolbox that is used for pliers and other similar tools since it will allow them to be stored on their side, which optimizes the space in the toolbox.

The specific strategy for how to organize a toolbox that is best will depend on the situation. Factors such as the size of the toolbox, the number of tools, the frequency each one is used, and other things will all come into play. The important thing is to evaluate what all needs to be organized and make a smart decision on how to best move forward.


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