How can tools be organized with sockets?

Keeping tools organized is always a challenge, but it becomes even more difficult when each tool has several pieces that are used. This is the case when working with socket wrenches and other tools that use sockets. In many situations, you will have dozens, or even hundreds, of different sizes and types of sockets that you need to have.

If you don’t have your sockets properly organized, it can take a long time to dig through a messy drawer to find the exact one that you need for a given job. Taking the time to keep your tools, and especially your sockets, properly organized will provide an excellent return on investment in the form of increased productivity.

In many cases, creating a foam cutout for each socket is a great option to consider. These cutouts can be arranged by size and labeled with the size and type of each socket. This will make it easy for people to grab the one they need in just seconds. It also makes it easier for them to put each item back where it belongs immediately when finished so that it is not lost or damaged.

There are other ways to organize your sockets as well. Some people like using a peg board and having a separate peg for each size of socket. Labeling the spot on the board and keeping everything in its place will help to ensure each item is where it needs to be when people are looking for it.


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