What tools can be organized?

When you first think of tools that can be organized, you may think of hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. first. While it is important these tools are organized in a logical order, your tool organization can apply to much smaller, and much bigger tools. Whether it is a large power saw or a collection of screws and nails, they can all benefit from tool organization.

As for organizing common tools found in nearly every facility such as hammers and screwdrivers, you can use customizable tool foam, pegboards, a magnetic tool board, or vinyl shadow board tape to organize them so workers can locate them easily. Tool drawers can be labeled by tool, so workers know which tools are placed where. Using methods like outlining tools and making a specific home for each and every tool can be extremely effective.

A facility can also be organized for equipment with the use of floor tape and labels. Creating homes for large tools by taking floor tape and creating spaces. Having labels communicate the appropriate places for tools will keep everything where it needs to go and reduce confusion from employees. Durable floor signs reading “Trash Can Here” or “Work Cart” will leave little confusion for where these items must be returned to.

Before any organization takes place, it is important to sort through what is currently in the space and eliminate any unnecessary duplicates or items that don’t contribute to the process. This can be done with the use of red tags. If there is anything that can be removed from the workplace, red tags will help to identify these objects. Actions to take will be listed on the red tag and let workers know if the item needs to be relocated, disposed of, recycled, or placed in the “Red Tag Holding Area.”


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