What is black and yellow tape used for?

Black and yellow hazard tape/barricade tape is one of the most well-known color combinations in all industries. Primarily used to alert employees about using caution in certain areas, or even prohibiting entry, this kind of tape is ubiquitous in the safety world. Yellow and black hazard tape can be seen in the following instances:

  • Used as police barricade tape
  • When employees are performing repairs
  • At construction sites
  • When firefighters are at work
  • Used as floor marking for especially dangerous area

These are only some of the instances where this kind of hazard tape is used. According to OSHA, yellow and black hazard tape is used in situations that pose physical and health hazards to those in the area. Using this kind of visual cue can be faster, if not better, than other forms of verbal communication. However, it is best to note that visual cues that rely on color recognition are best as long as the color code is standardized and regulated within the workplace. Without consistency there will still end up being some confusion if yellow and black hazard tape is used for marking off, say, work cells but also for machine guarding.

Following color code standards put forth by both ANSI and OSHA not only makes completing tasks safer and easier for employees, but it also works to improve efficiency and lower risks associated with the area. The cycle progresses even further to allow employees to solve other problems in the workplace since they aren’t having to focus solely on being able to get around without being run over by a forklift due to a lack in pathway markings.

Always remember to make sure the right color and pattern is being used for the right areas. A mistake on color coding floor marking can lead to serious consequences.

Additional Black and Yellow Hazard Tape Facts:


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