What are floor marking standards?

When shopping for floor markings it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are many different types of markings including floor marking tape, shapes, arrows, words, and many others. This can make it hard to know which markings should be used in which places. A company that decides to use too many types of floor markings will find that it just becomes cluttered. To get the best results from these types of markings, it is important to have floor marking standards.

Regulatory Floor Marking Standards

In some cases it is easy to find the standards for floor markings. OSHA and other agencies have put out a number of different standards for different situations. When using floor markings for permanent aisles and passageways, they require that the aisles are marked off with markings that are between 2’’ and 6’’.

OSHA also has color requirements for many situations. These standards are put in place so that everyone will be working from the same set of base knowledge but they are not specific to floor markins. No matter where an employee is working, they will know that the same standards are being followed for the most critical areas.

Internal Floor Marking Standards

In addition to the regulatory standards for floor markings, most companies will also have an internal set of standards that they follow. Of course, these standards can be just about anything that is determined to be effective as long as it doesn’t contradict the regulatory standards that are in place.

When establishing floor marking standards for a company, it is important to ensure they are well-documented, and all employees are trained on what these standards are. Without this, it will become quite confusing. Also, using floor markings only where appropriate will ensure that their meaning is conveyed clearly and immediately when it is seen by people in the area.

Regardless of where the standards are coming from, a facility that has a set of standards for their floor markings will benefit from improved safety, efficiency, and more.


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