Should I train employees on floor marking?

Installing floor markings in a facility is a good way to keep things organized and running efficiently. A good floor marking plan can also help to improve the overall safety of the facility. No matter how good your floor marking strategy is, however, it won’t be effective if employees aren’t properly trained on what the floor markings mean, and how to benefit from them. A good training program will have many benefits for the facility, including the following.

Keeping Themselves Safe

When employees know what all the different floor markings mean, they will be able to make decisions that will ensure they are safe. For example, red floor markings often indicate that there is a serious safety issue in that area. This can serve as a reminder to employees that they need to be using personal protection equipment, or avoiding the area if they don’t have work to do there.

Keeping Others Safe

Improved personal safety will also translate into safety for other employees in the area. Someone driving a high-low in the facility, for example, will know how to navigate the area safely if they have been properly trained in how the floor markings are used. Many facilities use colors or symbols on the floor to indicate where drivers need to stop, the speeds at which they should travel, and much more. This is just one way that good floor markings, combined with good training, can help to keep others safe.

Responding Quickly to an Emergency

Floor markings are often used to indicate where safety equipment like fire extinguishers are located. This can be done with a floor marking sign on the ground. Some facilities will also use floor marking tape or markings to guide people toward the nearest emergency exits or other equipment that is needed in an emergency situation. If employees are trained to understand the meaning of these floor markings, they can better respond to these dangerous situations.

Working More Efficiently

Finally, employees who are properly trained on the meaning of floor markings in the facility will be able to work more efficiently. They can follow the proper steps in completing products, walk through the facility in the quickest way, and much more. Employees will also be able to store products and inventory in the right areas so it is easily accessible, and ensure everything is where it needs to be at all times. With proper training, floor markings can benefit most any aspect of a workplace.


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