What are common floor markings in warehouses?

Warehouses are often massive facilities that contain thousands, or even millions, of different products. Keeping everything safe and organized is essential for success. The vast majority of warehouses today use a variety of different types of floor markings. Learn more about different floor marking categories and how warehouses can benefit from them to see how they can benefit your facility.

Virtual Floor Markings

Virtual floor markings, often called floor marking lights, are a modern option used in a growing number of warehouses. These markings are actually projected lights or lasers from a device that is typically hung from the ceiling or other area. It can display anything that is needed onto the floor even from quite a distance. One of the best things about virtual floor markings is that it is so easy to change what is displayed based on need. In areas where a permanent message isn’t ideal, this is a great solution. These types of markings are also great for dark areas since the light being projected is easy to see.

Floor Marking Letters

Warehouses often use floor marking letters to designate different aisles and sections of the racks. This helps make it much easier to keep everything organized, and find things when they are needed. This lettering scheme can then be added into a computer system to make tracking inventory easier as well. When done properly, these types of floor markings can reduce theft, misplacement, and other loss in any warehouse.

Floor Marking Tape

Of course, floor marking tape is going to be the most commonly used type of floor marking in any warehouse. In many cases it is required by regulatory agencies to have aisles marked off on the floors for safety reasons, and tape is the perfect solution. Adding floor marking tape to the floors of a warehouse is a great way to convey information, improve safety, and provide many other benefits to the employees and the facility itself.

A good floor marking strategy is a great way to improve any warehouse. These types of markings are often used when implementing strategies such as 5S or Lean to great effect. With good planning, you can add floor markings to any facility quickly and affordably.


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