How can workplaces encourage employees to clean and sanitize their tools?

Keeping the workplace sanitized and disinfected during an infectious disease outbreak, like that of Covid-19, is essential in preventing rapidly spreading disease. However, creating this type of safe workspace cannot be done if not all employees or their employers are on board with new sanitization protocols.

A large number of factors are involved in encouraging employees to sanitize their tools frequently. In fact, proper training is the first step to become a company that is committed to the safety of their employees. This is a great time to introduce an Exposure Control Plan that puts forth a site-specific action plan for preventing Covid-19 from entering the workplace. It will often include guidance on sanitization efforts as well as other preventative engineering and administrative measures that help minimize infection rates.

Another helpful way to encourage employees to sanitize their tools would be to give them designated times in which to perform those tasks. According to the CDC, Cleaning and disinfecting tools should happen as often as workers change workstations. Those who sanitize workstations may also need extra PPE to protect themselves from chemical cleaners.

Lastly, the lack of tool sanitization may also become an issue merely because there is not enough guidance or reminders during the workday. Participation in sanitizing tools can be improved with the use of a variety of visual reminders close to workspaces. Some options for this include wall signs, banners, and labels.

The bottom line is, if employees don’t have the information or the time to begin this new process, then they have no way of reminding themselves in a timely manner to participate in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Employers have OSHA as well as the CDC to look to for guidance on recommended sanitization protocols that will keep their workplace safe.


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