Should floor markings be permanent?

When creating a floor marking plan there are many decisions that need to be made. One of them is whether the floor markings that are used should be permanent or not. If the markings are only needed for one day, weekend, or event, temporary markings are the obvious choice. More often, however, the question will be just how long the floor markings should last, and how easy should it be to make changes should it be required.

Benefits of Permanent Markings

Using so-called permanent markings like paint and even some highly durable floor marking tape is a great option in a number of situations. These types of markings can last for years without any significant issues. In some environments, floor marking paint can chip off if metal forklifts or other things scrape against it. In general, however, these things can last a very long time.

The benefits to permanent floor markings are that once they are installed, they will remain in place and effective for years to come. The one-time expense associated with adding these markings can be quite inexpensive when you look at how long they will last. Permanent markings also tend to be very durable and can be used in a variety of environments without any issues.

Benefits of Removable Markings

Removable floor markings are going to be floor marking tape and similar items. They are considered removable because of the fact that it is quite easy to peel them up if you have the right tools. When installed correctly, however, these types of markings can also last for years without needing to be repaired or replaced.

Removable markings tend to provide all the same benefits as permanent markings, but have the added advantage of being able to be taken off when needed. Any facility that may have to be reorganized, or have a change in procedure, may find that having the option to remove the floor markings is very helpful.

While there are some situations where it will make sense to use permanent marking solutions, the advantages associated with removable markings are most often the best solution. They can provide virtually all the benefits of permanent markings, with the added perk of being able to remove them without any downtime or other issues that could impact production.


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