How can floor markings improve productivity?

Improving productivity levels is no easy task when it comes to a bustling and crowded workplace. However, with the right tools and information, this to-do can be much less of a headache than what was initially imagined. The answer is floor marking.

Marking floors with industrial floor tape, floor shapes, and signs is one of the best ways to foster an informative, and therefore, productive workplace. Floor markings are commonly used as an asset in Lean manufacturing methodologies like 5S, Kaizen, Six Sigma, and numerous others. This is because these methodologies all rely on the importance of communication between workers and their surrounding environment. Visual communication is a must if anything is to be done accurately and efficiently. Otherwise, there will be countless confused employees struggling to figure out where objects and products belong, where they need to be moved to for the next step, and even having trouble keeping themselves out of danger.

The following are some of the reasons why floor marking helps improve overall productivity:

  • Hazard reduction –Visual cues help employees recognize hazardous situations which enables them to equip themselves with the right knowledge on how to handle particular situations. Productivity loss is highly attributed to lack of safety and subsequent injuries that may inhibit further work.
  • Clear communication – Everyone knows what they need to do and what protocols to follow when instructions and commands are clearly displayed throughout the working area. This helps with keeping people on task, which in turn heightens productivity levels.
  • It promotes continuous process improvement – With everything clearly labeled and all hazards under control, it is then easy to spot areas that need more improvement. Looking for areas of improvement means that the future holds more opportunities to improve upon the already existing process, hence more productivity.
  • It pairs well with Lean manufacturing – Floor marking goes hand in hand with methodologies that seek out improvements and prioritize safety and efficiency. This is because their core values involve ultimate organization and high amounts of visual communication to tell them when something needs to be completed next.

In a way, the above results after implementing floor marking are all tied together with organization and communication at its core. Pretty much any type of floor markings are beneficial for aiming to improve workplace productivity. The more information employees have, the easier it is to complete their tasks throughout the day.


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