How does floor marking improve safety?

Floor markings are used for many different things in the workplace, but the most common is likely to improve safety. A good floor marking strategy can dramatically reduce the risks of accidents and injuries in just about every industry. There are many ways that these markings can reduce the risks in the workplace, and understanding all of them can help get the most out of this important tool.

Improved Visual Communication

The primary reason any company is going to use floor markings is to help improve visual communication in the workplace. Most of the other benefits that floor markings provide will stem off of this increased visibility. Floor markings are designed specifically to be highly visible in almost any environment. There are even glow-in-the-dark and reflective versions of floor marking tape that can be seen in low or no-light situations.

By ensuring those in the area are able to see the markings, a company can convey important messages, even from quite a distance. An example of how this can be beneficial is when a high-low driver is able to see a ‘STOP’ sign on the floor from some distance away. This will ensure they know to come to a complete stop prior to crossing through an intersection, which will help to avoid accidents with pedestrians or other indoor vehicles.

Increasing Traction in Wet Areas

It is often impossible to keep the floor completely dry, especially in areas near an entrance. Applying specially designed floor marking tape can help to ensure those who are walking through an area will have sufficient traction to avoid slipping and falling. This type of tape provides increased traction even when it is wet, which is critical for keeping people safe in the workplace.

Directing Foot & Vehicle Traffic

Floor markings can help to direct those in the area on where they need to go, and what they need to do. Applying floor marking arrows to a specific aisle, for example, will indicate that all traffic should be going in one direction. There are also footprint shaped markings that can be used to encourage people walking in an area to use that path where vehicles are restricted. A workplace that takes the time to come up with a strong floor marking strategy will be able to ensure everyone in the facility knows where they can and can’t go, and how they will get there safely.

Sound Marking Strategies

All safety benefits of floor markings start with a good floor marking strategy. Getting all the different departments together to come up with a consistent way to use different colors or patterns, for example, will help to ensure everyone knows what they all mean. When done properly, floor markings can provide dramatic benefits to overall workplace safety.


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