Why should I use floor marking?

When looking for ways to improve a workplace there are no shortage of options. Many companies have discovered that using a well-thought out floor marking strategy can offer a large number of important benefits at a very low cost. No matter what industry you are in, floor markings can help to facilitate many improvements.

Improving Safety

Floor markings can help to improve safety in almost any environment. It is perhaps best known in manufacturing environments where floor marking tape or other options can identify where high-lows and other vehicles can drive, mark off where the movement of a machine reaches, and much more. Floor markings, however, can offer safety benefits in all other industries as well. Something as simple as using floor markings to identify the swing of a door, for example, can help to minimize the risk of injury.

Eliminating Waste

There are many types of waste that can be reduced or eliminated by using floor markings. One simple example is in the form of wasted motion. Floor markings can be used to identify the proper paths to and from specific areas so employees can take the best routes. Floor markings can also be used to ‘reserve’ specific areas for storing specific products or tools. This will help to reduce the risk of them getting lost (or even stolen), which is a major form of waste in many industries.

Helping Customers

If you run a business where customers may be present, floor markings can provide many benefits. A very popular option is with aisle markings in supermarkets and other similar locations. These markings can help show customers how close their carts are to the edge, which can improve safety and reduce damaged products. Some businesses will color code their floor markings so customers know what types of products are in what areas.


There are so many options available when it comes to floor markings. Companies can choose from either floor marking paint, or floor marking tape. Within each of those categories are endless options for colors, patterns, shapes, and much more. This customizability allows companies to create a floor marking strategy that is unique to their needs.


OSHA and other regulatory agencies have a lot of demands that apply to a variety of different industries. These requirements are typically related to employee and customer safety, and they must be followed in order to avoid fines and other issues. In many cases, floor markings can meet the requirements laid out by these organizations so you won’t have to worry when a safety inspector comes knocking at the door.

Low Cost

With so many benefits available from using a good floor marking strategy it is easy to see how it gives value to most any industry. The fact that installing floor markings is extremely inexpensive makes it an easy decision. Floor marking tape is not only affordable when purchasing it, but it is also fast and cheap to install. This combined with the fact that it can last for many years without issues makes floor markings an easy sell to any business.


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