How does floor marking help 5S or Lean methods?

When trying to implement workplace improvement methodologies such as 5S or Lean, you will need to take advantage of every tool possible. Floor markings are one of the best tools for getting the most out of each of these strategies. With proper markings, a company can dramatically reduce waste, improve efficiency, and ensure things are done properly to maximize improvement.

Improved Visual Communication

Visual communication is important for both 5S and Lean methodologies. Using floor markings makes it much easier to convey information, even at great distances. People walking or driving through a workplace will be able to see the aisle markers, signs indicating an intersection, and all other information needed to travel safely.

Complying with Regulations

One of the biggest types of waste that a company can face is regulatory fines and penalties. Agencies like OSHA often make recommendations, or requirements, regarding safety goals. For many situations, applying color-coded floor markings is the easiest and most effective way to comply with these demands.

Efficient Workflow

Applying floor markings that indicate the flow of a product through a manufacturing environment can eliminate a lot of waste. Keeping all the parts, and employees, moving along as needed in the production process will prevent work stoppages and ensure everything is completed as efficiently as possible.

Improving Organization

Keeping a facility organized is one of the best ways to eliminate waste. Companies in all industries are taking advantage of floor markings to assign specific areas for specific items. For example, hospitals are often using floor tape to indicate where each item in a room needs to be kept when not in use. Not only does this improve general organization, but it also helps to ensure everything is there when it is needed. These same concepts can be applied to any industry to ensure everything is where it belongs, and nothing extra is present taking up space.

Floor Markings for Workplace Improvement

There are many ways that floor markings are used to benefit 5S and Lean strategies. Each company can come up with their own unique ways of taking advantage of all the benefits provided by floor markings, and when done correctly, the results will be an efficient workplace that benefits everyone.


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