What colors are used to define a work area?

Work areas and work cells are usually marked off with solid yellow floor tape. Employers might also lump in white floor tape with this as many objects and their proper locations may be labeled with this color. For example, white can be used for workstations, racks, movable carts, etc.

Utilizing yellow and white tapes for this purpose is mainly there to keep everything neat and tidy for employees to be able to find easily. Surprising to some, the need for organization within a workstation is essential for worker safety along with encouraging high levels of efficiency. “But there isn’t be any dangerous equipment in this area,” some may say. This is not the case! A cluttered workstation is a dangerous one. Some of the hazards that may present a problem to workers in situations where their space is not neat and tidy include:

  • Slipping and falling – Objects strewn about on the floor of a workspace can become hazardous very quickly. Remedy this by using tape to outline where things belong, put things away in cabinets or drawers, and then label those to be able to find tools faster.
  • Ergonomic related injuries – The layout of a workspace is talked about quite a bit in the realm of 5S. Putting things where they belong, and in a way that fosters healthy movement from one place to the next is important for taking care of employee health.

On top of all of that, there is the problem of productivity loss that the company may suffer from due to employees spending more time searching for items in a messy and unorganized space rather than completing their tasks.

Floor marking can help with all of these issues because its prime focus is that of organization, keeping things contained, and encouraging employees to put things back where they belong.


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