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6S Tape Center
  • 6S Tape Center
  • 6S Tape Center
  • 6S Tape Center
  • 6S Tape Center
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6S Tape Center

This 6S Tape Center provides a single location for tape, reducing the time it would take to try to find a specific roll of tape, while also creating an organized space to return tape to. The 6th “S” in 6S stands for safety, and with this new organizational tool, safety becomes much more achievable on the work floor.
The 6S Tape Center is shipped with 12 peg hooks to hang your tape from, and the board offers dry-erasable sections above those peg hooks allowing you to specify what type of tape is being stored, and what it should be used for.
(This product does not include the tape referenced in the photo. Tape is to be purchased separately)
6S Tape Board Assembly Instructions:
1. Remove the backing tape on the adhesive strips located on the back of the base plate of the tape holder hooks.
2. Align the tape holder hook so the hole at the top of the base plate exactly matches one of the holes in the 6S Tape Board.

3. Press down to adhere the tape to the board. Note: the adhesive is aggressive and will not allow for repositioning.

4. Using a philllips head screwdriver, screw one of the provided screws to complete attaching the tape holder hook to the tape board. Do not over-tighten or the hole will strip out. Note: Do NOT use a powered screwdriver to install the screws. The torque of the driver may strip the hole.

5. Repeat process for remaining tape holder hooks.

*Wall mounting instructions and hardware included with the board

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