Durastripe Shapes

DuraStripe Shapes are the perfect way to connect traditional DuraStripe floor lines, or to add specific organizational or caution symbols to your workplace floors.  With the same adhesive backing, and made from the same material as our regular DuraStripe floor tape, these shapes will give a custom look to your warehouse or factory.

If you find that painting aisle striping is too expensive and involves too much downtime, DurStripe Shapes are the perfect solution for your facility floors.  Contact Creative Safety Supply today for samples. 866-777-1360.

  • Durastripe Arrows
    Durastripe Arrows $75.00

    • Simple peel-&-stick installation • Backed by a 2-year warranty• Made with X-Treme material Durastripe arrows are the ultimate way to direct traffic and make your facility look and function like it should...

  • Durastripe Corners
    Durastripe Corners $75.00

    Durastripe Corners with "X-Treme" Adhesive Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, Durastripe Corners are made from the same strong material as Durastripe X-treme Floor Tape, and are perfect for marking...

  • Durastripe Letters
    Durastripe Letters $75.00

    Available in 3", 4", 6", and 8" letters Multiple color options Great for walls and floors 5S and Lean manufacturing applications Simple peel-&-stick installation Aggressive adhesive backing Backed by a 2-year warranty ...

  • Durastripe Pux
    Durastripe Pux $75.00

    Durastripe Pux with "X-Treme" Adhesive Made from the same tough, forklift-resistant material as Durastripe X-Treme Floor Tape, Durastripe Pux are a fantastic way to mark floors in areas where forklift damage could occur. The...

  • Durastripe T's
    Durastripe T's $75.00

    Durastripe T's with "X-Treme" Adhesive Durastripe T's are useful in conjunction with Durastripe Corners and other shapes. They act as a T-junction when making multisquare patterns and other advanced layouts (see image above)...

  • Durastripe Footprints
    Durastripe Footprints $75.00

    Durastripe Footprints with "X-Treme" Adhesive Durastripe Footprints are an ideal way to mark paths of traffic flow in your facility. They come 35 to a pack (including both left and right footprints) and are made from the...

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We're here to help. Call with Questions: 1866-777-1360.
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