Long-lasting floor marking tape
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If you find that painting aisle striping is too expensive and involves too much downtime, the DuraStripe program is the perfect solution for your facility floors. DuraStripe floor tape can be used in any workplace looking to increase productivity. DuraStripe floor marking tapes and shapes are easy to install and will last a long time, even in industrial facilities with lots of activity and traffic. That means instead of worrying about the state of your floors, you can focus on the rest of your business.

DuraStripe products serve many functions. You can use tapes to mark boundaries, walkways, and hazards. Shapes such as corners, T’s, and arrows can play a key role in your 5S program by marking the locations of pallets, bins, and other equipment to aid organization. Combined, these visual cues create a floor marking system that makes it easy for people to move through your facility and perform their jobs.   

Choose from a variety of DuraStripe colors, patterns, and sizes so your floor markings look exactly the way you need them to. You can even get tape with custom in-line messages or graphics. DuraStripe tapes are smear and scuff resistant, and their low profiles mean tripping hazards shouldn’t be a problem. Have high traffic levels? Select X-treme products for extra durability. Browse all DuraStripe products below.

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  • Durastripe X-treme marking tape

    Durastripe X-treme Our heavy-duty Durastripe X-treme floor tape is truly a force to be reckoned with. This tape is ultra-durable, industrial-strength and holds up beautifully even when faced with high levels of forklift and other wheeled traffic. In... More details

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    Durastripe X-treme

  • Durastripe Corners

    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes** Durastripe Corners with "X-Treme" Adhesive Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, Durastripe Corners are made from the same strong material as Durastripe X-treme Floor Tape,... More details

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    Durastripe Corners

    Was: $75.00
    Now: $72.00
  • Durastripe Footprints

    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes** Durastripe Footprints with "X-Treme" Adhesive Durastripe Footprints are an ideal way to mark paths of traffic flow in your facility. They come 30 to a pack (15 pairs, including both left... More details

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    Durastripe Footprints

  • DuraStripe Supreme V Tape

    DuraStripe Supreme V Tape for Floor Marking DuraStripe Supreme V Tape is the fifth generation of DuraStripe tape. It's the ideal floor marking tape for imperfect floors. It features a strong adhesive so the tape will stay in place, even is... More details

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    DuraStripe Supreme V Tape

  • Durastripe Hazard Tape

    DuraStripe Supreme V (SV) Hazard Tape - 100' per roll.  (comes with Supreme V adhesive) 100% smear and scuff-resistant "caution" striping. Ideal for alerting workers of where to be cautious in the workplace.Available in widths ranging from 2" all... More details

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    Durastripe Hazard Tape

  • Durastripe Pux

    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes** Durastripe Pux with "X-Treme" Adhesive Made from the same tough, forklift-resistant material as Durastripe X-Treme Floor Tape, Durastripe Pux are a fantastic way to mark floors in areas where... More details

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    Durastripe Pux

    Was: $75.00
    Now: $72.00
  • Durastripe Arrows

    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes** • Simple peel-&-stick installation • Backed by a 2-year warranty• Made with X-Treme material Durastripe arrows are the ultimate way to direct traffic and make your facility... More details

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    Durastripe Arrows

  • Durastripe Letters

    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes**   Available in 3", 4", 6", and 8" letters Multiple color options Great for walls and floors 5S and Lean manufacturing applications Simple peel-&-stick installation Aggressive... More details

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    Durastripe Letters

  • Durastripe T's

    **Minimum of 2 packs is required for all DuraStripe Shapes** Durastripe T's with "X-Treme" Adhesive Durastripe T's are useful in conjunction with Durastripe Corners and other shapes. They act as a T-junction when making multisquare patterns and other... More details

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    Durastripe T's

    Was: $75.00
    Now: $72.00
  • Walk Ways 34"x50'

    Walk Ways 34"x50' OSHA code 1910.22(b)(2) requires permanent aisles and passageways to be appropriately marked. This peel-&-stick walk-way is a fast and inexpensive solution for keeping pedestrians safe around forklift traffic and other heavy... More details

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    Walk Ways 34"x50'

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