Virtual floor marking solutions
for the workplace.

Qunomics products offer a new, improved, and highly innovative way to mark floors. Instead of utilizing paint or tape to mark floor areas for aisles, storage, walkways, pallet storage, etc., Qunomics features the use of laser light precision. What makes this product so unique is that it uses technology to create fully adjustable laser lines that are always straight and super simple to relocate. Reconfigure a space, adjust traffic patterns, or enhance process flow quickly and easily with just a few simple movements.

Another added benefit of using virtual lines and signs is that they are unaffected by the elements either indoors or outdoors. For instance, the virtual lines will not fade in the sun, will not corrode or wear away with excessive traffic, and will not peel or need to be reapplied. Just set up the Qunomic products how you would like them placed, and they'll be virtually maintenance free. Plus, Qunomic products are available in three different colors - green, red, and blue - with green being the most popular choice.

The power supply can provide power for up to six laser projectors. Power supplies come with a rack-mountable case that allows customers to power multiple lasers from a single location. Only two L-brackets are needed to hang each laser power box. Each laser line box is capable of generating a 40 foot illuminated line. A team of 2-4 workers is ideal for installation and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes for the initial installation of each projector.

Whether you are looking to simply reduce waste, enhance quality control, or improve safety, the Qunomics laser line system can help. In fact, Qunomics products can work very effectively with efficiency driven methods such as 5S, Lean manufacturing, and various safety applications. These environmentally-friendly, virtual marking projection units for floors and walls are designed to be an alternative option to floor painting, signs, and the use of floor tapes. Unfortunately there is not laser technology yet to replace standard warehouse aisle signs.

All Qunomics products are rated for industrial applications. To find out more about these products, call Creative Safety Supply toll-free at 866-777-1360.

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