Durastripe Hazard

Durastripe Hazard

Heavy-duty floor tape
to mark dangerous areas.

Hazard striping clearly identifies the area and emphasizes the importance of keeping the area clear at all times. DuraStripe Hazard is the easiest, fastest floor marking system for industrial floors. The durability and vast size of the DuraStripe product line makes it the only complete floor striping solution available on the market today.

If you find that painting is too expensive and involves too much downtime, DuraStripe Hazard is the perfect solution for your facility floors.  Contact Creative Safety Supply today for samples. 866-777-1360.

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  • Durastripe Hazard Tape

    Durastripe Hazard Tape

  • Walk Ways 36"x50'

    Walk Ways 36"x50'


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