Yellow HDPE Speed Bump Cable Guard

Yellow HDPE Speed Bump Cable Guard
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    Yellow HDPE Speed Bump Cable Guard with Anchor Kit 

     A durable and easy to install speed bump is great for keeping vehicles at an appropriate speed while providing a smooth non-skid surface for vehicles to safely drive over. The HDPE Speed Bump is 9ft long and features a bump-cable protector that is made from an efficient high-density polyethylene construction for perfect performance. While also acting as a dual channel cable protector, this cable can handle the heaviest vehicle loads, with a load capacity of 20,000 lbs. This speed bump is weather and chemical resistant, and is specially engineered with the perfect angle to be driven over.


    • Designed with safety and durability
    • Flexible enough to fit parking lot contours
    • Constructed with high density polyethylene for weather, UV, and chemical resistance
    • Easy installation with included anchor kit
    • Measures 108" length by 10" width by 2" height

    Product Attributes:

    • Product Type:Cable Guard
    • Size Description: 108" X 10" X 2"
    • Material:HDPE
    • Load Capacity: 20,000 lbs

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      Yellow HDPE Speed Bump Cable Guard

      Yellow HDPE Speed Bump Cable Guard